June 25, 2008

Interview with Richard Bradley

Broken Cowboy has a fascinating interview with Richard Bradley, author of The Greatest Game: The Yankees, the Red Sox, and the Playoff of '78. (Munson wrote poetry?!?)

I've read nothing but unqualified praise for the book, so I'm really looking forward to reading it (despite its subject). I will also be giving a copy away in the "Yankee Elimination Day" contest after the All-Star Game.


SoSock said...

Dropped by the house to catch up some paperwork and thought I'd say hi. I'll have to catch the interview later, although I hate hearing THAT game called the greatest ever.
Hope you're having fun.
Wish we were there :)
Also hope you're bringing pictures back.
Ish and Jere are doing a nice job of covering but game threads are a little slow. Might be anyway given the time of year.
BTW - is there a Verranova park, or something close, in Newfoundland? (it's a crossword puzzle thing)

Jake of All Trades said...

I had heard some praise for the book as well, but a few days ago I read the article below that claims it is full of factual errors and poorly researched:

Great is definitely the wrong word

I haven't read the book or dug in myself so I don't know if the alleged "errors" are true or not, but if they are it's sort of funny since Bradley talks about Dent "misremembering" the count in the interview.

Bartman said...

Please check the index for us to see if there is an entry for:

Dent, Bucky "Fucking"

allan said...

JOAT: Thanks for that link!

I noticed quickly that the first error mentioned in on the book jacket -- however, authors don't write those, so while it is unfortunate, it's not Bradley's fault.

Also, it's impossible to write a non-fiction book and not screw something up, even something commonly known or researched. 1918 has a few of those!

Jake of All Trades said...

Or even a fiction book for that matter. Once you're up around 80,000+ words keeping all of the logic, grammar, and spelling in line is a spectacular feat in and of itself.