May 31, 2008

Home Runs

They have been called round-trippers, taters, jacks, big flies, circuit clouts, quadrangulars and (of course) dongs.

Cecil Cooper calls them "rally-killers".


nixon33 said...

ha. nice one.
i wonder what paul o'neil calls em,
"tempering a tempered temper"...?

allan said...

They may be rally-killers, but they do "unclog" the bases.

Jack Marshall said...

When your manager says or does something that can only be proof positive that he is brain-damaged, what reason is there NOT to fire him on the spot? Just say, "I'm sorry, Cecil, but when we hired you we didn't know you were an idiot, and we really can't trust you with the fate of this team. Bye. We can offer you a job wearing the fuzzy mascot suit, however. And you are certainly smart enough to be a radio color man..."

The Gerbil, Gump and Macnamara all had proved they were dolts with ridiculous statements long before they did in the Sox. I mean it. Once you know the manager is stupid, regardless of the team's record, get rid of him.

(By the way: if the Sox Joe Morgan made the rally-killer comment, we would know he was kidding.)

Jack Marshall said...

Speaking of idiots, Gary Thorne was in in top form last night, making about three gaffes and howlers each half-inning. My favorites: announcing that a Sox drive was hit "into the gap" right before it was caught by Jay Payton, who barely had to move, and this puzzling but self-evident statement, never corrected: "Of course, the man behind the plate is responsible for a lot of Varitek's success."

allan said...

"Of course, the man behind the plate is responsible for a lot of Varitek's success."

The umpire?

Jack Marshall said...

I THINK what he meant at the time was that Varitek was responsible for a lot of PAPELBON's success...but with Thorne, who knows?