May 3, 2008

Don't Back Down Now, Roger

A passel of Yankee players, coaches and execs - including Jason Giambi - will be dragged into the fray if Roger Clemens forges ahead with his defamation case against former trainer Brian McNamee, McNamee's lawyer [Richard Emery] told the Daily News Friday night.

Clemens' wife, Debbie, and their four sons also would be deposed ... The trainers, team doctors and medical specialists that Clemens has dealt with along the way would be questioned under oath, too. ...

"We'll go back to Boston. We'll look at his reputation there and the shenanigans he pulled there and, of course, the Yankees," Emery said. "It's going to be a mess. He's put all of these questions into issue. It's a massive discovery case, very unpleasant."

As Clemens' friends continued Friday to encourage him to drop the suit, the pitcher's flamboyant lawyer, Rusty Hardin, told The Associated Press he would talk to his client about whether they should go forward, the first hint of reversal from Hardin.
If you drop your defamation suit, then McNamee "wins". Everyone will assume he was telling the truth. You don't want McNamee to win, now do you?


Rob said...

Lose-lose situation for Billy. I like it.

allan said...

Richard Emery, one of McNamee's lawyers:
"It's much too rational a move for them to make. Everything about the way they've handled this case is irrational, so I wouldn't expect them to act rationally now."

Unknown said...

It is more than time for him to throw in the towel on this - as his lawyer said, he is getting pummeled"

Jack Marshall said...

A legal ethics professor where I teach (same subject) just sent me his exam question, using Clemens' situation with the lawsuit as the foundation. He finds it incredible that Hardin would have filed the defamation suit for Clemens if FB hadn't sworn that he had no serious dirt in his past at all. Otherwise, my friend explained, it's legal and reputation suicide. Is it possible that Hardin, an awfully astute attorney, didn't explain this to Roger, as he is obligated to do (the point of the exam question)? But is it possible that Clemens is so dumb that he was willing to file anyway,knowing that all this junk would surface, making him look like a liar, a cheat, a slimebag and a fool? If so, Roger's a biological miracle, pitching and talking with a brain the size of a marble. It's really incomprehensible to me.