May 4, 2008

More Dirt On Clemens

A few years ago, country singer Mindy McCready brought a special guest to her mother's North Fort Myers, Fla., home.

It was the first time Gayle Inge had met Roger Clemens face-to-face, although they had talked on the phone numerous times and she knew her daughter had traveled to Las Vegas and other cities with the world-famous pitcher. ...

In past years, he'd called Inge's home looking for her daughter. He'd flown Inge's sons on his private plane and bought a sleek set of golf clubs for Tim McCready, their father and Inge's first husband, just like the ones Clemens used. He'd even asked Tim McCready for permission to have a relationship with his daughter.

All was fine until the visitor mentioned something that caught Inge off guard.

"A conversation about his sons came up," Inge says.

Then it hit Inge: Roger Clemens, father of four, was still married. ...

"He had chicks stashed in every city - like every athlete, you play golf, you go get drunk and [have sex]," says one source close to Clemens ....
Tim McCready adds: "He was the most incredibly honest person I've ever met."


Sarah Haendler said...

I never thought I would garner so much glee from someone's public implosion.

It couldn't have happened to a more deserving man. The only thing I can think of that I would enjoy more would be the Shrub in similar straits.

Jim said...

I like that "source" quote. All he left out was "and he makes lots of money." And here's me thinking that's why guys with the ability choose pro sports (except for the golf). So what's the big deal (other than Clemens' rank hypocrisy, of course)?