May 12, 2008

Red Sox Cut Ties With Tavarez

Cafardo, Globe:
The Red Sox today activated first baseman Sean Casey today from the disabled list. To make room for Casey, the team designated pitcher Julian Tavarez for assignment. The team now has 10 days to either work out a trade for Tavarez or grant him his outright release.

As of yesterday, the Red Sox had still been talking with the Rockies about a deal for Tavarez, who is 0-1 with a 6.39 ERA ...

Sexy Lips was DFA'd to make room for Sean Casey. This also means that Craig Hansen stays in the pen.


Zenslinger said...

Who's going to sink into a crouch and point at the base where the ball should be thrown?

Who else's idea of covering home is to punch an opposing player in the jaw after the poor guy pops up from sliding in -- during a Spring Training game?

Who's going to openly admit to wanting to be a porn actor?

Sexy Lips will be missed. He's been so much fun to watch.

laura k said...

And how many players gave themselves their own nicknames?

Zen, I was totally going to post the same thing. I'll definitely miss him.

Amy said...

Why not TIMLIN??