May 6, 2008

Fat Billy Says He's Sorry -- For Something

Mike Lupica, Daily News:
"I need to say that I have made mistakes in my personal life for which I am sorry," Clemens said in a statement released Sunday night, one more statement that will make more trouble for him, because they all do.

You wanted to ask him which mistakes, but of course this wasn't one of his press conferences.

"I have apologized to my family and apologize to my fans," Clemens continued, and right there you wanted to ask him what exactly he was apologizing for, but by now it's clear that he doesn't do well with any kind of cross-examination once he's given his name. ...

He said he was apologizing for mistakes, but didn't say which ones, and then he said that he didn't use human growth hormones or steroids. So that was some apology. He's human, he made mistakes, he's got flaws, and he didn't use performance-enhancing drugs. Most adults you know could make the same admissions ...
A federal judge in Texas on Tuesday denied a motion to disqualify Roger Clemens’ attorney Rusty Hardin from representing the pitcher in a defamation suit Clemens has brought against Brian McNamee, the trainer accusing him of performance-enhancing drug use.

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