May 16, 2008

Tuesday's Starter?

With Clay Buchholz on the disabled list, the Red Sox need a starting pitcher for Tuesday evening against the Royals.

Bartolo Colon pitched a one-hitter for Pawtucket in the first game of a Thursday doubleheader (box), throwing 64 pitches in six innings, 45 for strikes. In three starts for the PawSox, Colon has allowed six hits and one run in 14 innings (0.64 ERA), walking one and striking out 11.

The Globe's Gordon Edes thinks Colon will get the nod, but Michael Silverman of the Herald disagrees, saying David Pauley (who went 5-5-0-1-2, 75 in the second game of Pawtucket's doubleheader) or Charlie Zink are stronger possibilities.

Zink is starting tonight however, so a lengthy start from him would likely cross him off the list. Another possibility is Justin Masterson, who had a rough outing last night for Portland (6-9-7-2-3).

Lou Merloni, the newest NESN analyst, on playing in Boston:
When I was there, everything was coming to a head. This team needed to win a World Series fast and it did, the next year [2004]. But it was difficult, it was taking over people's lives. ... It made me laugh when Lugo was talking about the negativity in this town. This guy's got no clue what negativity is. No matter how bad it is right now, the true Red Sox fan sits back and says, "They won a World Series in '04 and '07. It's changed."
Mockery starts his job on May 27.

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Jere said...

I have enjoyed Lou lately on his EEI appearances. He doesn't talk in athlete cliches. I'm trying to come up with a Mockery/Macha-re joke but I got nothin'.