May 30, 2008

MRI For Matsuzaka

Daisuke Matsuzaka's start on Tuesday was cut short because of shoulder fatigue. He will under a precautionary MRI today.

As far as the rotation, Amalie Benjamin reports:
Tim Wakefield could start on normal rest Monday in Baltimore. Justin Masterson's Triple A debut was moved up from Saturday to [Thursday against the Scranton Yankees] in Pawtucket, which would put him in line to start for Boston Tuesday. He could be slotted into the rotation against the Rays. Monday's starter, initially listed as Matsuzaka, was changed to "TBA" yesterday.
Gordon Edes adds:
Given how cautiously the Sox are with their pitchers, it seems a virtual certainty that Matsuzaka misses at least one start; it remains to be seen whether the injury warrants a trip to the disabled list.
The Red Sox have called up Jeff "Gumball" Bailey from Pawtucket, though he may not be activated for the Orioles series. That depends on what the Sox decide to do with Dice.


allan said...

Will Carroll, Baseball Prospectus:
"Uh-oh. A fatigued shoulder on a pitcher known for his workload? That doesn't sound good, but how do the facts match up for Matsuzaka? Reports say that Matsuzaka's shoulder "compared favorably" to his baseline, but that's a very broad and intentionally vague statement. ... More telling is the MRI scheduled for Friday. No, it's not that he's having an MRI, but that he's having to wait more than 48 hours. That indicates some swelling, and that tells us that Matsuzaka isn't going to make even a delayed throw day; his next start is all but out of the question. So with that out of the way, sources are telling me that this isn't that bad -- not good mind you, but not devastating. The Sox are very cautious with pitchers, but they have some depth and a favorable upcoming schedule to work with. ..."

allan said...

Masterson did very well against Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Six innings, four hits, two runs (one earned), one walk, four strikeouts. Also a HBP and WP. He threw 90 pitches.

allan said...

And Gumball Bailey hit 2 dongs to help out Masterson.