May 12, 2008

Manny Holds Court

Manny Ramirez wants a Gold Glove.
Why not? If [Kevin Youkilis] can win one, why can't I? I only made two errors last year. ... [But] How am I going to win a Gold Glove if they take me out in the eighth?
He also said: "I think I'm the best ever to play left field in Boston." ... I love you, Manny, but no.

Manny also talked about his quick sidearm throw to get the ball back into the infield
It just happened like three years ago ... I started to learn how to throw it where it tails right into [Dustin Pedroia]
and said that management wants him to stop playing so shallow.
They told me to play back. I figured when I play in Boston anything that was hit over my head was a hit, so I catch everything that might be base hits. But if they want me to play back, I'll play back.
Manny also suggested that the Red Sox trade Julian Tavarez for one of contestants in Milwaukee's 7th inning sausage race.

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Jack Marshall said...

Let me try again(the Blog ate my comment, it says burpingly.): Sexy Lips has just been designated for assignment to make way for Casey. Good. Timlin would have been better (who's going to be the long man?), but Hansen had to stay. I liked Julian, but it was time.