May 3, 2008

Strong Words From Francona Re Ellsbury

Terry Francona insisted he was not criticizing Jacoby Ellsbury, but his comments to the media about injuries and playing with pain were still a lot stronger than usual from the Red Sox manager.

I'm not pointing a finger at Ellsbury because I think he's a pretty tough kid. I guess my point is you're not always going to be 100 percent. I don't know if we can wait for guys always to be 100 percent or we won't ever be able to field a team. ... We try to be protective, but at the same time, we want guys to understand the responsibility that every game here is really a big deal.
Curt Schilling says he's about a week or 10 days away from throwing for the first time since last December. "I feel great. I feel strong. I feel everything I'm supposed to feel."

Sean McAdam notes that "six weeks into the season, the team has been without its regular everyday lineup more often than not", yet the Red Sox are atop the AL East.


Amy said...

No one had a comment about the talk with Ellsbury? I thought it was a little odd for there to be such a public scolding of him, a little unfair perhaps. Thoughts?

Miracle Graphic Creations said...

Heyy, i also posted about this on my Sox blog. I think that it was really messed up for Tito to say that.

And especially since in a previous interview he said

“We really try not to play guys if they’re not ready to play."