May 10, 2008

Schadenfreude 45 (A Continuing Series)

George A. King III, Post:
No matter what type of positive spin Yankee manager Joe Girardi tried to put on Kei Igawa's outing last night at Comerica Field, the truth can't be avoided: Igawa isn't a big league pitcher. ...

Igawa, a full-blown $46 million bust ... If Igawa gets the ball [again] ... it's only because the Yankees don't have options. ... The best choice at Double-A Trenton is Chase Wright, last night's starter.

Good ol' Chase Wright!

If Joba Chamberlain's yelling and screaming on the mound gets to the point where another team might take it out on another Yankee, Joe Girardi will talk about it with his stud reliever, but the manager firmly believes it's simply a case of a pitcher showing emotion after tasting success.
Good idea, Joe -- wait until after a Yankee gets beaned.


andy said...

I usually wont dog a guy for his looks in an overly negative way but Igawa's mouth Fucking Pisses Me Off.

allan said...

Daily News gets extra points for using the Iggy Pop reference with the team in Detroit. I wonder if that was intentional.

laura k said...

I wonder if that was intentional.

You give them a lot of credit. My guess is it is undeserved.