May 7, 2008

G36: Tigers 10, Red Sox 9

Red Sox - 000 221 310 -  9 12 1
Tigers - 004 130 002 - 10 18 1
The rain stopped well before game time -- and it was a pleasant evening. Figuring the inclement weather would dampen attendance, we eschewed out upper deck seats and snagged two main level padded seats with a little wooden bench for beer and scoring pens down the right field line.

Buchholz fell behind 4-0 as the Tigers batted around in the third, but the Red Sox clawed back, tying the game at 8-8 on Mike Lowell's three-run home run in the seventh. After two walks and a stolen base in the eighth, pinch-hitter Dustin Pedroia singled to left to give Boston its first lead of the night.

But in the bottom of the ninth against Jonathan Papelbon, the Tigers combined a check-swing infield single, a Julio Lugo error, a bunt and a groundout to re-tie the game. Then Placido Polanco flaired a single over the infield into left to give the Tigers a win. Polanco finished the night 5-for-6.

Kevin Youkilis hit two home runs. Jacoby Ellsbury and David Ortiz each had two hits. For the second time in the three games of this series, Lowell was left a triple shy of the cycle.


Clay Buchholz (3.71, 117 ERA+) / Armando Galarraga (1.88, 222 ERA+)

It is pouring rain across the river in Windsor at 4:30 PM. Weather looks like it'll rain through the evening.

Ellsbury, CF
Lowrie, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Ramirez, LF
Lowell, 3B
Youkilis, 1B
Drew, RF
Varitek, C
Lugo, SS
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Edes reports:
Research by the Elias Sports Bureau indicates that last night marked the first time since 1900 a team pitched a shutout using multiple pitchers all over the age of 40.


allan said...

still drizzling-raining. heading to the park at 6.

Rob said...

Francona said last night Jeemer, Bot, and Hansen were not available.

Makes Wakefield's outing so much more impressive and beneficial.

andy said...

I normally kiss girls but i would kiss Ellsbury right on the lips.

Benjamin said...

Fucking Lugo.

Rob said...

Lugo's a walking water purifier.

Even if he only got one out, Papelbon could have easily secured the save. But he seemed to be really affected by that error. Then the bunt. Then the run.

Rob said...

TENTH error for Lugo this season. Hard to believe - Game #36, that he'd have 10 errors. So, what's he on pace for? At least 40...

If he misses 15 games total this season, he'd be on pace for 40.8 errors in 147 games.

Patrick said...

It's not to late to save face, Lugo. Consider

Spencer Brown said...

It's "flared a single", not "flaired a single".

(ducking/running for cover)