May 23, 2008


The St. Paul Saints are giving away 2,500 "bobblefoots" this Sunday.

According to the team's press release:
"Some of the most famous dance halls in the country include Radio City Music Hall in New York, the Fox Theater in Detroit and now the list includes a restroom at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. With so much fanfare around dancing, the St. Paul Saints will honor "tappers" during National Tap Dance Day.

"... The design is a bathroom stall, with a foot that peaks out of the bottom and "taps" up and down. The day coincides with National Tap Dance Day.

"While many people tap their foot because they are impatient, others may do it because they are nervous. It doesn't matter if your tapping style is done with a "wide stance" or is used as some sort of code, the Saints are asking all fans to tap to their heart's content on May 25."
The Saints' principal owner, Mike Veeck (son of Bill), is no stranger to unique promotions. My favourite was "Vasectomy Night" -- which ended up being cancelled -- or snipped from the schedule, if you prefer.

(thanks to uggabugga)


The Bottomline said...

This is the funniest thing I've
seen in weeks!

Good stuff.

andy said...

wasn't there a politician who was arrested for this?

allan said...

Larry Craig, (R-Wide Stance).

Benjamin said...

Part of the joke is that he was arrested in the team's local airport.

andy said...

This is very real and very offensive. I love it. Why is nobody marching and calling for people to be fired over this? Because no blacks are involved?

laura k said...

Because no blacks are involved?

Speaking of offensive, here's Andy.