May 5, 2008

G34: Red Sox 6, Tigers 3

Red Sox - 020 200 101 - 6 11  0
Tigers - 000 100 200 - 3 5 2
Somehow, Matsuzaka's eight walks didn't bite the Sox in the ass (only one of them scored). Dice's line was an odd 5-2-1-8-1, 109. If he had stayed in to pitch a complete game, we might have seen baseball's first five-hour nine-inning game.

The runs came mostly by way of dongs by Lowell, Youkilis and Ortiz. Lowell also collected a double and a single and nearby had another home run (a three-run job) in the seventh. Drew had two hits.


Daisuke Matsuzaka (2.52 173 ERA+) / Jeremy Bonderman (3.86, 109 ERA+)

I'm at this game, so the game thread will be at ThreadSox.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland is shaking up his lineup. Yesterday, he moved Miguel Cabrera into the #3 spot. He promised more changes for tonight:
Same pieces, but quite a bit different. ... I think you'll find it pretty drastic.
The Tigers are fourth in the AL in runs, first in slugging percentage and second in on-base percentage and home runs, but in games in which they have scored three runs or fewer, they are 0-14.


Joe Grav said...

Have fun at the game! Joy of Sox sign?

Rob said...

The water is dirty!

allan said...

Joy of Sox sign?

No. But considering we sat in the next to last row in the upper deck (behind the plate) last night, no one would have seen it anyway.

Zenslinger said...

Was it fun?

nixon33 said...

if anyone is interested, Dr. Doubles is going to be talking with Mike and the Maddag on WFAN @2pm.( for those of you not in the concrete jungle)

allan said...

Tigers now 0-15 when scoring 3 runs or fewer.

Yes, we had fun. Except for all the BBs.

Jack Marshall said...

So tell us: how did a team with an aging I-Rod catching, a decrepit Sheffield DH-ing (now in the field!), a slow and aging infield and a pitching staff that's been off its feed since mid-2006---AND that traded its best prospects away, leaving no depth at all---impress the "experts" so much that they were picking this team to win it all? I didn't get it then, and I really don't get it now.