May 15, 2008

Something Else #9 - Replacements / Springsteen

Taking three out of four in Detroit was good, but then things went completely off the rails in Minnesota and Baltimore. Poor relief pitching and cold late-inning bats = several very frustrating losses.

But now the Red Sox are back at Fenway. And before they put an obscene beating on both the Brewers and Royals, we need to clear our heads with some rock and roll.

First, we have 44 tracks recorded by the Replacements for their 1981 debut album -- Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash. Peter Jesperson, the band's former manager, on hearing the band's demo in 1980: "I could hardly believe my ears ... It sounded like a wild reinterpretation of the fundamentals of rock-like Chuck Berry, the Stones and the Sex Pistols all rolled into one." When you visit me on my desert island, this will be one of my 10 albums. Inspirational lyric: "I hate music / It's got too many notes". (Note: The first four Mats albums -- Sorry Ma, Stink, Hootenanny and Let It Be -- have been remastered and reissued by Rhino with several bonus tracks each.)

Then we have one of the most famous Bruce Springsteen concerts of all time: February 5, 1975 at the Main Point in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. This show was broadcast on WMMR and at the time was the longest (2.5 hours) of Springsteen's career. It has been bootlegged many times -- on vinyl as "You Can Trust Your Car To The Man Who Wears The Star" and then on CD as "The Saint, The Incident, & The Main Point Shuffle". This remastered version is titled "The Prodigal Son At The Main Point". Notes: This was at the same time Bruce was writing and recording the Born To Run album, so there's an early version of "Thunder Road" called "Wings For Wheels" and "She's The One" has a lot of lyrics that would later become part of "Backstreets". Also, Suki Lahav plays violin and adds backing vocals.


allan said...

Careless / Otto / Shiftless When Idle / More Cigarettes / I Hate Music / Shut Up / I'm In Trouble (Intro) / I'm In Trouble #1 / Customer / Shut Up #1 / Shut Up #2 / Johnny's Gonna Die #1 / Johnny's Gonna Die #2 / Rattlesnake Blues #1 / If Only You Were Lonely / I Hate Music #1 / I Hate Music #2 / Kick Your Door Down / Don't Ask Why / Something To Du #1 / More Cigarettes #1 / More Cigarettes #2 / Hangin' Downtown / Takin' A Ride / Johnny's Gonna Die #3 / Careless #2 / I'm In Trouble #2 / Customer #2 / Raised In The City / Rattlesnake Blues #2 / Unknown / Something to Du #2 / Takin' A Ride #1 / Takin' A Ride #2 / Studio Chatter / Love You Til Friday #1 / Like You / Love You Til Friday #2 / Love You Til Friday #3 / Something To Du #3 / Shoot Me Kill Me (Sex With A Goat) / Don't Get Married

Part A / Part B

Incident On 57th Street / Mountain Of Love / Born To Run / E Street Shuffle / Wings For Wheels / I Want You / Spirit In The Night / She's The One / Growin' Up / Saint In The City / Jungleland / Kitty's Back / New York City Serenade / Rosalita / 4th of July Asbury Park (Sandy) / A Love So Fine / For You / Back In The USA

Part A / Part B / Part C

laura k said...

Excellent choices. Thank you.

Rob said...

I'll be spending the off day with my sister and her boyfriend - we're going to the grand opening of a Cabella's outside of Portland. Mike Timlin and Joe Castiglione will be there.

So, for one night, Timlin won't be White Flag.

allan said...

SoSock: Hot Tuna is not my cup of blare, but click here and here.

Tony said...

Got to love The Replacements. I bought the Let It Be reissue even though I have the original, both for the bonus tracks and because the album's so damn good it deserves to be bought twice. The essay inside's really good, as well - it gives you a sense of the incredible cult that's developed around the 'Mats practically since their first show.

Just for my money, "Unsatisfied" might be one of the 5 best songs of the decade. What an unbelievable song.

allan said...

Let It Be is great -- I found out about them right before it came out -- but I find myself playing the 1st album way more often than any of their other ones. And after Pleased To Meet Me, well, forget it.

First song of theirs I ever heard was "Lovelines" on college radio.