May 28, 2008

Lugo's Ejection

Seam McAdam reports on Julio Lugo's ejection:
Lugo had been shouting "Check! Check!" from his shortstop position, indicating he wanted help from Hernandez on the pitch. After Hernandez ruled that Ibanez had held up, Lugo said the umpire was staring at him. When Lugo asked what he was staring at, Hernandez ejected him.
McAdam offers a possible back story:
In April of 2007, with the Sox playing the Orioles in Baltimore, Lugo asked for time to step out of the batter's box. The request, routinely granted by umpires in almost every circumstance ... was denied by Hernandez, the home-plate umpire at the time, and a pitch by Daniel Cabrera called a strike.

At the time, Lugo said of Hernandez: "He's just hard to talk to. Personally, that guy, there's something wrong with him."
Art Martone wonders:
[I]t couldn't be that Hernandez still remembers that. Could it?

Art also notes a John Sterling blunder over the weekend, adding:
[W]hen he begins trotting out his catch phrases ("Robbie Cano! Doncha know!") for the wrong guy, it sort of like setting off fireworks at the wrong time. All you can do is laugh.


nixon33 said...

re: sterling call, it was MOLINA of all people too that he mixed up with cano. they dont even remotely look alike, bat from opposite sides of the plate...jeez. Mike and The Maddog were killing him for it.

re: lugo. he should play well, THEN worry about everything else...fucking loser.

nick said...

re: lugo. he should play well, THEN worry about everything else...fucking loser.

I'm curious to know what lugo's playing ability has to do w/ what seems a rather ludicrous ejection of the player on the field. if Lugo's portrayal of the events on the field are accurate--and that really has nothing to do with his fielding errors or any offensive statistic--then I think this is an interesting situation and am curious to hear more discussion of it.

On what grounds does the ump throw him out? Is there a rule that could be cited? Is it a reasonable move by the ump? If not, why did he take that course of action.

I don't care if it's Lugo, Jeter, or Ozzie Smith, I'm curious about the situation.

Jack Marshall said...

I don't see what the enmity toward Lugo is all about. I actually think he's a likable player: intense, he hustles, he seems smart on the field. He was excellent in the post-season; the team won with him. The guys isn't Don Buddin. Who cares what he's paid? If the Sox offered me that much money to play shortstop, I'd take it; so would you. I wish he'd field better, but it isn't as if he's trying to screw up.

I think he would have probably handled the grounder that Cora couldn't last night; this is how the Sox luck has been going lately: an impulsive ejection of the team's shakiest defensive player ends up costing the game defensively.

andy said...

He is a loser. We won not with him or because of him but, what? that's right in spite of him. We have Lowrie who played better than a replacement player. bring him back up. send lugo down or whatever you have to do. As far as I'm concerned Lugo and Timlin can play jacks in the corner during every game.

andy said...

We have been shown stats that prove lugo is a loser and will get worse. We have seen the empirical evidence.

What else has this idiot got to do to lose your respect?

We could have done easily just as well last year with Cora starting. We probably could have done just as good if fucking Mike Timlin played short.

That's right people, not one post slamming one can be complete without a mention of the other. They are my Twins of Terrible.

wardo said...

Re Sterling: I heard Tuesday night's radio broadcast, incredulous at Sterling and Waldman's comment that the Orioles "don't have any sluggers". This was right before the O's started sending every pitch over the wall. Idiots.

laura k said...

We have been shown stats that prove lugo is a loser

That actually isn't what the stats show. There are no stats that show someone "is a loser".

Nick is right, and what he says should be obvious. Lugo's playing abilities have nothing to do with the ejection. If an ump is holding a grudge about a past altercation, the ump is wrong, no matter who the player is.