July 6, 2009

Henry Wedding Bobbleheads

After the June 27 wedding of Red Sox owner John Henry and Linda Pizzuti, the reception was held in the Fenway Park outfield. When guests left, they were given bobbleheads of the couple!

Enjoy more than nine minutes of classic Vin Scully from June 30, 1959. Rich Lederer calls this clip "not only [Scully's] most descriptive call ever but one of the greatest in the history of the game".

Retrosheet now has box scores (though not play-by-play) for all major league games played from 1920-1930!

Baltimore's 11-10 win over the Red Sox last Thursday was the biggest comeback in Orioles history. The previous record was an eight-run deficit at Fenway Park on September 2, 1956. That score was also a Baltimore 11-10 victory. The Orioles' right fielder that day? Tito Francona!

The Red Sox have blown a 10-run lead twice:
June 4, 1989: Led the Blue Jays 10-0 after six, lost 13-11 in 12.

August 12, 2008: Led Rangers 10-0 in first, fell behind 15-14 in sixth, won 19-17. It was Charlie Zink's major league debut and still his only major league game.

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laura k said...

OMG, that bobblehead is brilliant!! What a great idea.