July 16, 2009

Off-Day Outtakes: George Harrison

George Harrison
The Art Of Dying
The Complete All Things Must Pass Demos Sessions & Remixes
Silent Sea Productions - 5 CD
Disc 1
Tracks 1-3 All Things Must Pass
Tracks 4-16 Apple Scruffs
Track 17 Apple Scruffs/Mama You Been On My Mind
Tracks 18-24 Apple Scruffs

Disc 2
Tracks 1-6 Art Of Dying
Tracks 7-10 Awaiting On You All
Track 11 Everybody Nobody
Track 12 Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)
Track 13 Beautiful Girl
Tracks 14-15 Behind That Locked Door
Tracks 18-21 Beware Of Darkness

Disc 3
Track 1 Cosmic Empire
Track 2 Dera Duhn
Track 3 Down To The River
Track 4 Get Back
Track 5 Going Down To Golders Green
Track 6 Gopala Krishna
Tracks 7-10 Hear Me Lord
Tracks 11-12 I Dig Love
Track 13 I Don't Want To Do It
Tracks 14-15 I Live For You
Tracks 16-17 I'd Have You Anytime
Tracks 18-20 If Not For You

Disc 4
Tracks 1-3 I'll Still Love You
Tracks 4-5 Isn't It A Pity
Track 6 It's Johnny's Birthday
Tracks 7-13 Let It Down
Track 14 Mother Divine
Tracks 15-17 My Sweet Lord

Disc 5
Tracks 1-2 Nowhere To Go
Tracks 3-4 Pete Drake's Talking Steel Guitar
Tracks 5-6 Plug Me In
Tracks 7-12 Run Of The Mill
Track 13 Tell Me What Has Happened To You
Tracks 14-16 Wah Wah
Tracks 17-21 What Is Life
Track 22 Window Window
Download more track info here.


accudart said...

damm...........it feels like the off season without ballgames. I hadn't seen a post here for a couple of days and thought Allan had lost interest in baseball or something was wrong. Glad to see it was just a break in the action.
Go Sox Go!

FenFan said...

Okay, so when are you going to do an off-day outtake focused on Rush (a band born up there in the Great White North)?

allan said...

No workable internet connection where we were staying. Back now.

I looked for Rush studio stuff several weeks ago and came up empty. Not much of a fan, but if I had found some, I'd post it.

laura k said...

Nice choice. ATMP is a great album.

FenFan said...

I don't think you will have much luck in that department. From what I know, going back a number of years when I was a huge fan, they don't have a history of recording studio sessions. Still cranking out music after 35 years, though... wow!

Unknown said...

All Things Must Past is, hands down, the best release by a Beatle-member post Beatles.

On a related note, did you know that the Beatle with the most number 1 songs as a solo artist is Ringo? I assume it's because a lot of Paul's songs were released as Wings.

And I'll vote for Rush stuff, because Rush, at their best, is pretty damn great. Unfortunately Rush, at their worst, is almost intolerable.

wardo said...

Wonderful stuff.