July 12, 2009

Ottawa Batter Makes 3 Outs In One Inning

Back on April 21, I wondered if any batter had ever made all three outs in a single inning. I did some research and decided that it had never happened in the major leagues.

Earlier this month I got an email from Paul O'Leary, who is a catcher for the Ottawa Diamondbacks of Tier 1 of the National Capital Baseball League (Canada's largest non-professional league). Tier 1 is the league's top division.

On July 5, the Diamondbacks scored 16 runs in the bottom of the first and won 22-2. They sent 22 batters to the plate in that inning and Justin Cardinal -- yep! -- made all three outs.

O'Leary told me that his leadoff hitter also went 0-for-3 in that inning:
He reached on three errors ... so it may be the only time two batters were 0-for-3 in one inning!

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andy said...

What amateurs.