July 17, 2009

Lugo Has Been Designated For Assignment

Lugo's agent confirms the DFA-ing.

Julio Lugo:
When you see a good looking girl, you get married and sometimes things don't work out. I gave it my best and unfortunately things didn't work out. This is the best for both parties. I wanted it to work out but it didn't. ... I wanted to play right here with the Red Sox. I'm not happy that that didn't happen. But when things don't work out, it's best to move on.
Steve Buckley says that the Mets, Cardinals and Cubs have some interest in Lugo. Amalie Benjamin says that "multiple teams have talked to Theo" about Lugo, but the Red Sox are not expecting much in return.


Update: Rob Bradford of WEEI reporting the same thing.


Ken Rosenthal:
Julio Lugo's tenure in Boston is over.

The Red Sox will designate the shortstop for assignment on Friday, a move that will likely lead to his release, according to a major-league source.

The Red Sox will have 10 days to trade Lugo once the roster move is official. If they are unable to deal him, Lugo will be released.
So, this seems likely:
Buchholz up, Bates down
Lowell up, Lugo DFA

Lowrie up, Buchholz down


s1c said...

WEEI saying he has been DFA'ed

allan said...

Yep. Bradford's link.

Benjamin said...

Good riddance to bad shortstops. Now just wrap a blanket over Hanley Ramirez's head and toss him into an unmarked van heading north.

allan said...

"The source is CHB so take it for what it's worth, but he said last night on on Comcast's show with Felger and Holly that John Henry, not Theo, was behind the signing of Lugo, and that Theo was just folloiwng orders."


I no longer click on anything CHB writes, so I have no idea if he has written this before.

allan said...

For my non-CHB stance, maybe I should get a headshot of the Clown with a red circle and line through it....

Patrick said...

Oh, maybe we should just give him another chance. Save him as a defensive replacement in close/late situations.

Rob said...

Patrick, I would rather give Joe Morgan that roster spot than Lugo.

Wait... Scratch that. Nvm.

tim said...

I normally don't start drinking this early but this is a cause for celebration! Time to crack open a cold one! Woooooooooo!

Pokerwolf said...

I don't mind having a platoon of Lowrie/Green until Lowrie gets to 100%.


johngoldfine said...

His comments here are not without class though--

laura k said...

Whoo Fucking Hoo

laura k said...

"His comments here are not without class though--"

Perhaps, but as long as he's making his comments while not wearing a Red Sox uni, I don't care how classy or classless they are.

johngoldfine said...

Yeah, l-girl, but it's possible when leaving to slag the team/players/manager/management/ballfield/city, start rumors and whispers, drop bitter shit in the corners of the clubhouse, and just add to the load everyone has to carry. He didn't do that.

allan said...

He was the anti-Payton.