July 21, 2009

More On Smoltz

Terry Francona said if he had thought John Smoltz was tiring in the sixth inning last night, "I would have taken him out."

SoSHer sprowl:
Pitchfx confirms the obvious: by the sixth inning, Smoltz had lost it. Velocity fell below 90 consistently.
Jason Varitek, on Smoltz:
He's still playing catch-up quite a bit, not only with his health, but with the game. ... Everybody's in their stride in the middle of the season and he's not. ... He's still continuing to get his baseball feel and his baseball strength.
Tek implies that Smoltz is still in something of a "spring training" mode. If so, then why is he getting big league starts? (I suppose the implosion of Daisuke Matsuzaka has something to do with that.)

But Smoltz has made 11 starts this year -- six in the minors and five with the Red Sox. He has pitched 53 innings, far more than the 27.2 innings that Josh Beckett led Sox pitchers with in camp this year; in fact, Clay Buchholz was the only other pitcher with more than 20 IP. So even with the caveat of recovering from surgery, Smoltz should be far beyond the "spring training" stage.

The two-out runs are getting on my nerves. ... My whole season has been like that. ... I've had times I threw horrible and put up zeroes. I believe I was throwing well. I can't explain some of the hits they got.
Smoltz had not allowed three home runs in one game since June 8, 1997 -- and had last given up three dongs in one inning on June 19, 1994.


andy said...

Unfortunately Mr Ego's arm is done professionally. Penny can stay unless we trade for someone good. How about that guy from Oakland who has been out all year after having his elbow cleaned up. He's young and was real good in 2008. And this is bullshit also. By this point in the season there should be no excuse for still being in "spring training" mode. Even with surgery. Smoltz is just washed up. I appreciate his efforts though. He can come out of the bullpen again though. See how that works.

Rob said...

Anyone who cares to do the research, look at Jon Lester and Josh Beckett's April stats. Neither were pitching very well and it took them into May to hit stride, and even then they had struggles.

This is still Smoltz's April. No worries yet.

andy said...

Well then he will make some team very happy when they trade him to the desperate GM for some corner infielder.

Bosox Fan in Wichita said...

Tiring? I don't care if he had the energy of a giddy high school cheerleader, your own two eyes could see he was getting banged around when he gave up two runs. He should have been replaced before the two home runs that inning.

And don't hold your breath andy. Ish is right. Tek didn't say anything about spring training. I think he was referring to the early season, too.