July 7, 2009

Nomar Returns

Some Nomar quotes:
When I got traded I was on the road and never got to say thank you. Hopefully, the way I thanked them throughout all those years when I was here was just going out there and playing hard and giving it everything I've got.

My appreciation for this place has never stopped. On the field, I gave it everything I had. That's one thing I know the fans here have always appreciated. My mentality every time I put on that uniform was to win for this wonderful city.

I love them. I don't how else to put it to the fans that I love them, and the way they treated me the whole time I was here. I can't tell them how much that meant to me.

Boston fans were everywhere. I can't say how many times I heard, "Thank you. Thank you for all you did." Even today I was walking down Newbury Street, a guy came up to me and shook my hand and looked me in the eye and said "Thank you for all you did." And I just looked at him and said, "No ... Thank you."

I can't believe the wonderful experiences that I've had here and it's all because of them.

I was getting choked up out there. I kept thinking "I gotta go hit? You kidding me?" There's no script for it. It was so emotional for me, their way of thanking me and me thanking them. I always believed it was a two-way street. This will never leave me.

I always had a dream I was going to start my career in a Boston uniform and end my career in a Boston uniform. I still have the dream. The only difference from the original dream is that I wasn't supposed to put another uniform on. But that dream is still there.
Sox & Dawgs has clips from both the press conference and the second inning ovation.


On the whole, Smoltz thought he did well:
I went back and watched the whole game again and I'm still shaking my head on some of the hits and some of the plays. Some of the pitches that I didn't think should have gotten hit, and they found holes. ... What I hate more than anything is two-out runs. But I felt in control. I threw the ball really well. I didn't have much to show for it tonight, but as mad as I get, I have to make sure to realize I'm making a lot of progress even though the results don't look like that.
I'm not so sure. Thirteen baserunners in six innings is not good, especially against a shitty hitting team like the A's. Smoltz's fastball was only about 92 and he missed location with his breaking stuff.
I've given up all two-out runs except one or two, and that has to change. I'm going to look and see if there are any trends. I don't think I have to be perfect. I haven't pitched away from my fastball or contact. I'm almost there.
SoSHer Jnai has some fx data here and here.

Aaron Bates will probably stay with the team until the break. Mike Lowell is due back when play resumes on Friday, July 17 in Toronto.


B.R. said...

"But I felt in control. I threw the ball really well"

Hmmm....Sounds like Smoltz has the Joba disease

Dr. Jeff said...

Things like the Nomar ovation make me proud to be a Red Sox fan.

Also, regarding Smoltz's disappointing return so far....what about Pedro Martinez? Any chance of him doing well again?

Anonymous said...

Well, good on Smoltz for staying positive...but he's wrong. I'm not one of those who are saying to cast him to the side and be done with him...but I'm not going to delude myself into thinking that he was good out there last night. I watched that game.

He wasn't.

Rob said...

I heavily defended Smoltz's first outing in Washington as being his first inning back. Last night's performance was not good but in April Lester and Beckett were struggling as well.

Beckett's still had a couple of bad games recently, but every time he pitches I feel the Red Sox have an excellent chance of winning. Same goes for Lester, and every time John Smoltz is slated to pitch I feel the Red Sox have a good chance of winning.

B.R. said...

The thing with Smoltz is that he's old. He still has some stuff, so Iam assuming it must be rust still wearing off...but in another 2-3 games, if he's still struggling like this, then what is the next option....Buchholtz?

NewJerseyYankee said...

What a little sewing circle you have created here. The yankees will win it all this year, merry christmas

Unknown said...

Yeah, the Nomar ovation was probably the best moment of the year so far.

I'm starting to think he'd look good in a utility role.

allan said...

The yankees will win it all this year

If you have any guts at all, you'll come back in late October and properly take your abuse.

laura k said...

"What a little sewing circle you have created here."

That's it! Our new name! The Joy of Sox Sewing Circle!! Thanks NJ!

"If you have any guts at all, you'll come back in late October and properly take your abuse."

Note to self: don't hold your breath.

The Omnipotent Q said...

NJY: The Yankees won't make the playoffs this year. Happy New Year.