July 13, 2009

Second Half Pitching Assignments

Terry Francona laid out the rotation for the first six games after the All-Star break.
at Blue Jays
Fri 0717 - Clay Buchholz
Sat 0718 - Brad Penny
Sun 0719 - Jon Lester

at Rangers
Mon 0720 - John Smoltz
Tue 0721 - Josh Beckett
Wed 0722 - Tim Wakefield
With a day off on Thursday, July 23, the Red Sox will likely skip the 6th starter's spot. If so:
vs Orioles
Fri 0724 - Penny
Sat 0725 - Lester
Sun 0726 - Smoltz

vs A's
Mon 0727 - Beckett
Tue 0728 - Wakefield
Wed 0729 - Penny
Most importantly, the tentative pitcher for JoSapalooza is Wakefield.


s1c said...

WEEI stating that Buchholz will be sent back down after his start. This raises the question of why bring him up and have to make a roster move right after the AS break?

Hmmm, could be we see a DFA (sLugo), HH, then optioned and Jedi added to the roster on Saturday.

HH's start, an atta boy and let us see how far you really have progressed.

MacLeodCartoons said...

What is the conventional wisdom on the comparative difficulty of schedules for the Yanks and the Sox in the second half? The Sox are done with the west coast, but the yanks have to go back, right?

micah said...

By the rough metric of opponent's winning percentage, Boston has a slightly easier schedule than New York: Boston's opponents are .504 while New York's are .515.

I don't know how significant this difference is. (Though, yes, the Yankees do have to go west again--they still have 7 games in Seattle and 3 in each of Oakland and LA.)

s1c said...

Doesn't matter what the strength of schedule really is see 6-4 homestand. The travel though is easier for the Sox since they only have a visit to Texas that would be called onerous.

Just keep on winning series and the Sox will be OK!!!

tim said...

Dammit! Going to Sunday's game in T.O. again, and I saw Lester last time in May (also a Sun afternoon game). I was hoping to see Smoltz.

Oh well, seeing another dominant pitching performance and Red Sox blowout victory will be fun. :-)

MacLeodCartoons said...

Thanks guys. I totally agree, s1c, though I guess I'd rather have an easier schedule than not! And you'd think that 13 games on the west coast will be pretty challenging for the MFY.

Amy said...

Seeing Wake is just fine with me. Especially if his second half is as good as the first.