July 19, 2009

Recommended Reading

Tony Massarotti had a great article in Friday's Globe -- How Red Sox Pitchers Work The Strike Zone -- that focused mostly on Jon Lester:
Together, armed with countless options, the pitcher and catcher of the Red Sox must negotiate their way through the strike zone on a daily basis. With the help of Jason Varitek and an interactive graphic, Mazz explains the art of executing a successful pitching game plan.
Jeffrey Brown has an excellent interview with Clay Buchholz at Sox1Fan. Clay talks at length (far more in depth than the usual mainstream articles) about his struggles last year and his motivation this summer.

The Daily News features Sean Forman, the man behind Baseball Reference.

Also: Ryan Howard has hit 200 career home runs in the fewest number of games in baseball history. The milestone dong came last Thursday, in his 658th game. Ralph Kiner now has the old record: 706 games.

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andy said...

Hopefully Howard has a more prolific career than Kiner.