February 15, 2011

CC Does Not Stand For Cap'n Crunch

CC Sabathia is reportedly down to a "svelte" 290 pounds. His secret? He stopped eating Cap'n Crunch. "I used to eat it a box at a time."

In more important news, Sabathia can opt out of his Yankees contract at the end of this season -- which is set to pay him $92 million from 2012-15. The Daily News says it is "likely" that Sabathia "will tear up his contract next fall in search of one more massive payday" after seeing Cliff Lee ink a 5/120 deal at age 32. CC will be 31 in July.

Lee's total deal works out to an average of $24 million from 2011-2015 and the rest of Sabathia's current contract will pay him $23 million from 2011-2015. Lee will make "only" $11 million this year, followed by $21.5 in 2012, and $25 in each of 2013, 2014, and 2015 -- which is a 4/96.5 arrangement, not much better than CC's 4/92 (an even $23 per) after 2011. (In 2016, Lee would get either $27.5 (!) (a club option) or $12.5 (club buyout).)

Daily News writer Mark Feinsand:
I think it's a near certainty that Sabathia will opt out, but only to get a longer deal with the Yankees. He loves it here.
The 300-pound lefty underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee in late October. Agreeing to pay Sabathia upwards of $25 million a year into his late 30s to keep him in pinstripes is certainly risky - and possibly downright foolish. It looks like Lee's rejection of the MFY last December will bite the team in the ass next winter, too.


allan said...

This reminds me a little bit of Jason Giambi's explanation in the spring of 2004 -- after random mandatory drug testing had been introduced -- that he had magically and drastically slimmed down his muscles by cutting double-cheese burgers out of his diet.

FenFan said...

This reminds me a little bit of Jason Giambi's explanation in the spring of 2004...

I remember that well. Somewhere there was a photograph showing the side-by-side comparison of Giambi the previous season to one from that spring. Kind of similar to how much McGwire shrunk.

How could people NOT look at these ball players and say WTF?