February 11, 2011

Pedroia Calls Francona "A Tool", Threatens To Kick His Ass

Dustin Pedroia's left foot is still healing and will be carefully monitored this spring, but his mouth is already in mid-season form.
I feel great, ready to go. ... I haven't talked to Tito about [playing fewer games in the spring]. I don't think that's necessary. ... I've taken ground balls, turned double plays, run the bases. I've done everything. I'm ready to go.
On Carl Crawford:
I've worked with Carl for three or four years (in Arizona). I put some whuppings on him in ping-pong and talked a lot of trash to him. ... It's a pain in the butt playing against him. ... It's going to be fun having him on our side.
On Terry Francona referring to him as actor Giovanni Ribisi because he has let his hair grow in:
I don't know what Tito's starting. He's a tool. He poured water on himself today to pretend he was working out. He didn't do shit. I might kick his ass before we get started. ... I'm a grown-ass man now. I think it looks solid. My wife likes it.


allan said...

Manny Delcarmen has signed a minor-league deal with Seattle and was invited to spring training.

laura k said...

He poured water on himself today to pretend he was working out.


mattymatty said...

Welcome back, FY.

allan said...

Yet another reason why the Red Sox > the MFY.

allan said...

Andy Pettitte Retires To Inject HGH Without Being Harassed About It

Amy said...

No photo of his new hairdo?

I have missed that mouth. Will they be able to get the snow out of Fenway in time for April? I cannot wait!

allan said...

Globe had a pic. Another one.

allan said...

I am not sure Buchholz should be wearing a shirt that says MRI on it.

Amy said...

Thanks, Allan! I can see what Tito is talking about. Giovanni Ribisi better watch out because someone might think he is saying some of the outrageous things that FY says!