February 14, 2011

Uniform Numbers

Peter Abraham posted the uniform numbers for the new arrivals:
Carl Crawford - 13 (worn in 2010 by Angel Sanchez and Niuman Romero)
Adrian Gonzalez - 28
Andrew Miller - 30 (worn in 2010 by Boof Bonser and Ryan Shealy)
Matt Albers - 32
Dan Wheeler - 36
Curt Young - 40
John Lackey - 41 (wore 40 last year)
Tony Pena Jr. - 46
Bobby Jenks - 52 (John Farrell's old #)
Alfredo Aceves - 91 (will be the highest # ever worn by a Boston player, topping J.T. Snow's 84 in 2006)
(Uniform # info found here)

Highest # that has never been worn (since 1931, when the Sox started using numbers)? 69.

Actually, 69 to 76 have never been worn.
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Jere said...

DishonestAbe fails to mention NESN had the uni # info scrolling on the bottom of the screen last night. Or maybe he just *thinks* he had a scoop.

allan said...

He probably thinks he's simply passing on the info to those who might not have seen it - like I'm doing.

Nick Sincere said...

Think of the merch sales if someone would just pick 69? Would have to be a single guy with no family, but then Selig would probably nix it. Has any player ever worn 69?

tim said...

Best of luck in the awards tomorrow! Got my final vote in tonight.

allan said...

A web search turns up these four MLB players wearing 69 three years ago:
Wes Bankerstan (Oakland)
Kelvin Pichardo (San Francisco)
Scott Lewis (Cleveland)
Bryan LaHair (Seattle)

Wiki on NHL:
"The least-used number is 69, worn for two games in 2003-04 by Mel Angelstad of the Washington Capitals."

Post at realgm.com board:
"69 is one of 20 uniform numbers that have never been worn in the NBA/ABA."
(Refs signal fouls by holding up fingers indicating the player's uniform number so numbers 1-5 are most always used. .. Though I suppose a ref could use two hands for a #6, then two hands again for #9.)

"Most common jersey number: 21
Least common jersey number: 69"

No Cubs player has ever worn 69.

Alan Mills is the only player to wear #69 for the Yankees (1990).

The # might be given out in spring training more often, though.

RedSoxDiehard said...

Thanks for the link!

Reddick had 46 last year, so he must have a new number. I can't wait to get to the Fort myself and pick up this year's roster sheet. I save them every year. One of these days I'm going to scan them in and post them, just because I find that stuff fascinating.

Redsox.com has numbers listed for everyone on the 40-man, including Reddick back at 68 which is what he had in ST last year. They also have Lars Anderson as the 78 he had in ST as opposed to the 44 he wore in the bigs. I've gotta get down there and get this sorted out! :)

Pokerwolf said...

The last person to wear #21 was Fat Billy? I wonder if players are avoiding it for that reason or if it's simply a case of nobody wanting it for awhile.

Thanks for that link, Allan. Neat stuff!

allan said...

I think the general assumption is that the team has not made it available.

Pokerwolf said...

Here's Youk talking about playing at third.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Actually, Allan, 21 has been offered to players by the Red Sox since the Texas Con Man left, and I remember Jonathan Papelbon turned down the offer, he said in an interview a few years back. I think many players still respect Clemens to the point they don't want to wear the number. They should give it to some rookie infielder or pitcher.