February 8, 2011

Red Sox Sign Aceves; Gonzalez Expected Wednesday

The Red Sox have signed former Yankees righthander Alfredo Aceves to a major-league contract.

Aceves, who turned 28 last December, broke in with the Yankees in late 2008. In 59 appearances over three seasons, he had a 3.21 ERA and a nice 1.063 WHIP. Injuries limited Aceves to only 12 innings in 10 appearances last year; he also broke his collarbone last November.

Peter Abraham of the Globe is in Fort Myers and he notes that Jarrod Saltalamacchia was the first player on the field today. Abraham filed a report on pitcher Andrew Miller and says Adrian Gonzalez will be in camp on Wednesday.

Michael Silverman of the Herald has nine points of focus as spring training begins: Rotation, Catcher, Closer, Health, David Ortiz, Shortstop, Batting order, Bench/minors, and Bullpen. ... Well, that covers just about everything!

Boston has also signed Te Wera Bishop, a 17-year-old softball player from New Zealand. Bishop, a catcher, will be in Fort Myers next month for extended spring training.
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Pokerwolf said...

If Aceves works out for the Sox, it's going to be an interesting twist to the season since the Yankees are hurting for pitching. Maybe they thought they could let him go because of Soriano?

I'm not surprised that Saltalamacchia was the first player to show up. He has a lot to prove.

allan said...

Sox looking at him more as a starter.

Pokerwolf said...

Wow, that makes nabbing him even more interesting since that's where the Yankees are hurting right now. Thanks for the link!

allan said...

A source tells Olney that CC has dropped 30 pounds this winter. ... So, does that mean he's under 300?

mattymatty said...

Coello designated for assignment

allan said...

Adrian Gonzalez parachuted into camp and took some grounders.

Robert Coello was dropped to make room for Alfredo Aceves on the 40 man.