February 15, 2011

Hank Steinbrenner Is Still A Moron

Hank Steinbrenner:
"We're gonna be in it every year. Every single year. You can't say that about any other team, except maybe the Red Sox. But they weren't in it last year. And the Phillies seem to be keeping it going but how long will that last? The only team you can be assured as long as we own them is going to be in it every single year is going to be us."
So. The Yankees are the only team that will be in the playoffs every single season ... Well, maybe except for the Red Sox. ... Oh yeah, the Phillies are a third team you could say that about, I suppose. ... But the Yankees are the only team that will be in the playoffs every single season.

Could someone please ask Hank how the Red Sox finishing third in 2010 means "they weren't in it", but the third-place Yankees were "in it" in 2008?

We got the best bullpen in baseball, we got the hitting, we're gonna be good defensively and the starting pitching hopefully will come around. We think A.J. Burnett will turn it around and all our baseball people like this kid Nova.
I know we play them on March 4 and 14 in Florida, but April 8 cannot come fast enough.


mattymatty said...

I'll be there on the 4th. Anything you want me to tell Hankenstein?

tim said...

Sometimes he's nutty, sometimes he's corny
He can be brown, or greenish-brown

But if you eat fibre on Christmas Eve
He might come to your town...

Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo,
He loves me, I love you!

Therefore vicariously, he loves you!
'I can make a Mr Hankey too'!

allan said...

I would have also accepted:

"He's a shit."

Pokerwolf said...

The more I hear of this kind of talk from the MFYs, the better I feel about the season. It's interesting to watch how low key the Sox are this year and how much of the "talking really loudly and in a high pitch" behavior like these quotes we're hearing from The City In The South.