February 22, 2011

Heyman: Sox Intend To Extend Francona Through 2013

If true, it is perhaps the easiest and most obvious decision Red Sox management will make all year.
Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman reports that the Red Sox "intend" to pick up Terry Francona's two-year option at the end of this season. The $9 million option would cover the 2012 and 2013 seasons.

Tito: "I know nothing about their decision."
Caption this?


Pokerwolf said...

Caption: "I know they worked out together once, but keep A-Rod away from my shortstop of the future, okay? Seriously. He doesn't need any "important skills" like slapping a ball out of a glove."

Unknown said...

Joe: I didn't shit in your dugout!

Tito: Yes you did! It had corn and sunflower seeds in it!!!

Joe: Everyone has corn and sunflower seeds in their crap!

Tito: Yeah... but you are the only one that swallows gummy bears whole!

Joe: Cashman made me do it...