February 8, 2011

The Truck Leaves Today!

At around noon today, Al Hartz will pull the Red Sox's equipment truck away from its parking spot on Van Ness Street (near Fenway's Gate D) and make his way to Route 95 and head south.

Hartz will be driving nearly 1,500 miles to the team's spring training complex in Fort Myers, Florida. He is expected to arrive on Friday.

0213: Pitchers & Catchers!
0215: First workout for pitchers & catchers
0217: Position players report
0219: First full squad workout
0226: DH against Boston College and Northeastern
0227: Grapefruit League begins
0330: Grapefruit League ends
0401: Opening Day at Rangers, 4 PM
0408: Home Opener vs. Yankees, 2 PM


Pokerwolf said...

Wooo! Truck day!!

My February is warmer and has more sunshine already!

Rob said...

I swear, when it snowed this morning it felt downright tropical. It was 2°C (35°F) which is a warm snow for us! Feels like spring is right around the corner.

allan said...

Cold, but sunny today. We had a bunch of snow last week, so I am not feeling too springy. ... I have a feeling that in a month or so, we are really gonna be ready for the season to start.

One more date:
0415 - DFW's The Pale King!

tim said...


tim said...

wtf from that voting site, i voted for JoS then I get this:

"No suitable nodes are available to serve your request."

now i can't even get into the site.

Pokerwolf said...

Hey, Allan. Are you getting MLB.TV this year? I'm really considering getting it so my kids and I can watch Sox games. is it worth it?

Jere said...

tim--that same site was showing Remy & Lobell's unexciting truck day coverage live at noon, and it was buggy--I got that "nodes" message while trying to watch that. Since you tried shortly after noon, maybe that's why. I assume it's better now.

allan said...


allan said...

Are you getting MLB.TV this year? I'm really considering getting it so my kids and I can watch Sox games. is it worth it?

For me, it is essential. I work Fri-Sat-Sun and those are *never* off days, so I need it to watch/listen to 3 of the 6 or 7 games each week. (Plus with MLBTV Premium, I can choose NESN for all non-Jays games.)

I could get the audio like L does, but (a) I don't like the radio guys and (b) if I am busy and something good happens, I can check out the replay.

nick said...

I know I'm hanging on false hopes, but I'm hoping MLB.tv navigates the blackout restrictions for us New Englanders.

I dropped my cable to basic (bottom 20 channels) for $12/mo. The next step up is almost $50 more a month! I don't want to spend $50/mo for the couple of nights a week I'm not already busy.

Will I break down and do it? (probably)