October 29, 2018

A Banner Year


GK said...

This is a great event for the likes of CHB to eat sh**t.
This past year, I listened to Boston sports talk radio, once or twice on my 400 mile-a-week commute through the heart of MA and two other NE states (Yes I know, but this is better than listening to NPR and its sympathetic takes on the WORLD's GREATEST RACIST(TM)).First they started dunking on the bullpen, very early on in the season. They refined their pitches to beging their dunking with a jingle - (Cora) " spinning the wheels of gutless bums",(to chooose his relievers). Of course they would periodically have CHB on to do this schtick (I would stop listening when he came on). They "radicalized" the entire listener segment, and by the playoffs, you could hear call after listener call about the bullpen. Now after the relievers did what they were supposed to do to win, they have started to blame the entire losss on Dave Roberts' ineptitude.

allan said...

It could be fascinating to follow them very closely over an entire season and see how their complaints morph and evolve as it becomes apparent to everyone that whatever they are complaining about is not an actual problem. But not many people could stomach listening and cataloging the steady stream of bullshit and ignorance.

So if Roberts was a shitty manager who did dumb things and that's why the Red Sox won, aren't they then implying that Cora is NOT a shitty manager - because if he had done stupid things, the team would have lost a lot of games. Or is it just that Cora is an idiot but everyone else is more of an idiot? It's very confusing.

Poor CHB. So many of his dead horses really cannot be beaten any more. No "curse", no ragging on Price. His column after they won it all was a true mail-it-in job. Basically, he could not believe they were as good as they apparently turned out to be because he grew up following shitty, choking Red Sox teams and has been scarred for life and always sees the darkest clouds.

CHB is 65. And yet there are tens of thousands of Red Sox fans the exact same age who no longer suffer form that malady. I am 10 years younger, so I witnessed a lot of the same shit. What did he live through that I did not? 1974's AL East loss? The 1975 World Series? Only CHB mentions '74 and the majority opinion on '75 is that it was like '67, a magical year that simply did not go Boston's way. Other than that, I've been hurt by the same shit. And yet I am the exact opposite. As are most people I read online.

I think CHB's supposed tormented mind is nonsense. He should have the guts to come out and be honest with his readers rather than the bullshit claim that Zimmer/Debt and Buckner and Gump and Chicken&Beer are still giving him nightmares in 2018. (All that crap is actually WHAT HE WISHES WAS STILL HAPPENING, so he could keep recycling his old columns.)

allan said...

I smell a blog post ... despite my promise to pretend he does not exist. Which I adhere to about 95% of the time.

GK said...

Boston sports talk radio is full of contradictions. Even if someone pointed them out, I am almost certain nothing will change. In the words of Elaine Benes "They are shameless. Without shame". With absolute shamelessness comes great power ( see the WORLD's GREATEST RACIST (TM)).

They turn their own hot takes gone bad into new segments and let others make fun of them for a little bit, and move on. They have internalized evey contradiction. Many callers are beyond rude. So these guys on radio have grown thick skin. Which they use it to demonstrate their own shamelessness.

For half the season they were dunking on the whole Sox for their wins, and blowing out every team, by saying that AL is crap, and besides HOU and MFY, none of them are good.
Then the dunking on bullpen reached a crescendo. Once they got past the first round playoffs and the bullpen was doing well, that is when the guy responsible for the "gutless bums" jingle (Joe Murray, I think) started saying that he will not make any more predictions on this year's team!. I guess we have to wait what the next year brings.

Until this year, I never paid attention to how CHB speaks. I always tuned him out.
On radio, the few times I could not turn to the other station (which was when the other station had their morning show talking politics, where Callahan thinks that Colin Kapernick is the greatest traitor this country has ever had) he has this old world "charmy" talking style, carrying himself as if he is the greatest expert ever.