October 15, 2018

Chris Sale Leaves Hospital, Will Be In Houston For Game 3

Chris Sale has left Massachusetts General Hospital and will be with the Red Sox on Tuesday night in Houston for ALCS G3.

Sale went to the hospital only a few hours after the end of Saturday's Game 1, in which he pitched four innings with decreased velocity. Alex Cora did not think Sale's stomach issues contributed to his odd performance (4-1-2-4-5).

Cora says he will talk with Sale before confirming that the lefty will start Game 5 on Thursday:
[E]verything I heard, he should be fine and it's a matter of him showing up and we'll talk to him and see how he feels physically and go from there. ... It's just his stomach. That's it. He felt ill right after the game, started throwing up. And then he decided to go to the hospital and that was it. ... When I got to the ballpark [on Sunday] they told me he was there. Nothing serious.
On Monday, Houston's Alex Bregman posted a video of his team hitting three consecutive home runs off Nathan Eovaldi (who was with the Rays on on June 20), with the caption: "Lil pre-game video work." Eovaldi will start Game 3 for the Red Sox.

Bregman's post was soon deleted, but in 2018, a post left public for even one minute will be snagged by someone. Eovaldi did not seem bothered: "I don't have any social media or anything like that. The guys told me about it. I think home run clips, right? Something like that? Yeah, I'm aware of it. I still have a job to do. I've got to go out there and pitch my game tomorrow ..."

Cora: "Like I said a few days ago, if you need motivation in Game 3 of the ALCS, you better check yourself."

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