October 9, 2018

Pedro: Umpire Angel Hernandez Is "Horrible ... As Bad As There Is". The World Agrees.

Pedro Martinez said umpire Angel Hernandez is "as bad as there is" during TBS's post-game show after the Red Sox crushed the Yankees 16-1 in ALDS Game 3.
"Angel was horrible. Don't get me going on Angel now. Major League Baseball needs to do something about Angel. It doesn't matter how many times he sues Major League Baseball. He's as bad as there is."
Hernandez is in the process of suing MLB for racial discrimination  (he filed in July 2017) and you have to wonder if Hernandez has received undeserved postseason assignments because MLB is scared that not rewarding Hernandez's incompetence might help his lawsuit.

Peter Gammons tweeted: "Thankfully Angel Hernandez wasn't in on Brown v. Board of Education. It would have been overturned."

(In 2013, Gammons believed Hernandez blew a call on purpose in 2013 to protest the implementation of instant replay.)

Three former players agreed on how horrible Hernandez was last night.

Paul Lo Duca: "How Angel Hernandez is still umpiring let alone the playoffs is unreal to me. He is [by] far the worst umpire in the league. Every year."

Chipper Jones, in addition to replying to Lo Duca's tweet, retweeted it with this comment: "Can I retweet this 100 times so it gets the point across!!!"

Lou Merloni: "MLB has instant replay because of Angel Hernandez."

Former Mets GM Steve Phillips, before last night's game: "What are the odds there will be a controversial call at first base in the #RedSox #Yankees game tonight with Angel Hernandez as the first base umpire?"

Phillips had fun during the game, too.
"Oh wait. Did Angel Hernandez get that call wrong? #ToldYouSo"

"Hahahahah. Hahahahah. Angel Hernandez going for the trifecta. One overturned call in Game 2. Two tonight. Stay hot! He has more overturned calls tonight than the #Yankees have hits."

"Come on man! Now I feel badly for Angel Hernandez. He is going to have cauliflower ear from the headset. #Yankees #RedSox #ThankGodForReplay."

"What time is tomorrow night's game? Will someone please let CC know? #Yankees"
Atlanta pitcher Brandon McCarthy: "Yanks can score 10 more and win in an all time come back and this will still forever be the "Angel Hernandez game" for me."

Yahoo's Jeff Passan: "Angel Hernandez is suing MLB for discrimination. MLB should be countersuing for malpractice."

Mike Vaccaro, New York Post: "Angel Hernandez will call balls and strikes tomorrow night. Surely that will be uneventful."

Britni de la Cretaz: "can we talk about how there are no female umpires deemed good enough to work at the MLB level, but Angel Hernandez has had like five calls challenged in the first four innings of this playoff game?"

Cespedes Family BBQ: "To be fair, Angel Hernandez is 1-4 tonight, better than most of the Yankees"

St. Louis radio personality Dan Buffa: "Angel Hernandez gives hope to all the people in the world who suck at their job yet manage to not be fired."

Former Yankees catcher and YES analyst John Flaherty:
I think back to the replay of the Luke Voit play at first base, that Angel Hernandez actually got right. And when he came back, next to Voit, he made a little comment to him and smiled a little bit, almost like, you know, "I got one right." It's not that funny, Angel. These are playoff games. These are big deals. And replay bails him out - the play eventually is going to be right. But you got to be thinking at first base, maybe take a little more pride in what you're doing.
Every baseball fan knows (as does MLB) that Hernandez has been shitty for a long, long, long time.

Ian Kinlser, in 2017:
He needs to find another job, he really does. I'm just saying it's pretty obvious that he needs to stop ruining baseball games. ... [L]eave the game. No one wants you behind the plate anymore. No one in this game wants you behind the plate any more, none of the players. ... [Kinsler had been ejected by Hernandez] I didn't even cuss at him. I said, "You need to re-evaluate your life, man. Just go home right now. Get out of the game. Just leave the game alone. Please." ... He just needs to go away.
Giants announcer Duane Kuiper, in 2014:
Angel Hernandez is not a good umpire and, in my opinion, he does not belong in the big leagues. And I think Major League Baseball knows this, they just don't know how to get rid of him.
Chipper Jones, 2013: "Didn't take Angel long to screw up the strike zone, did it???"

Chipper Jones, 2013: "His incompetence amazes me and I'm tired of MLB doing squat about it!"

Listen to White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson react to a blown call by Hernandez in 2013.

April 2014: "Angel Hernandez Was Hit By A Line Drive And Fans Cheered (Video)"

Last Night: Angel Hernandez did not speak to reporters.

MLB issued a statement: "There were several very close calls at first base tonight, and we are glad that instant replay allowed the umpiring crew to achieve the proper result on all of them."

Video: Angel Hernandez Doing Angel Hernandez Things

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