October 4, 2018

ALDS: Yankee Fans Chant: "We Want Boston! We Want Boston!"

You want the best? You got the best!

Steve Buckley, The Athletic:
Yankees​ fans were grinding​ their hands into dust last​ night​ in the​ Bronx,​ using them​ to keep​ to​ the beat​​ of a very important message: "We want Boston!"

Of course they do. Just as Boston wants New York. ...

No real Red Sox fan was hoping for the [Athletics] ...

It'll be the Yankees vs. the Red Sox in [the] best-of-five Division Series, and, as you may have heard, it'll be the first time these two ancient rivals have met in the postseason since that magical night in 2004 when the Sox put the Yanks out of their misery in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series to complete the greatest comeback in hardball history. ...

For the first time it's the Yankees who are looking to use a postseason series as an exercise in wiping away the tire marks on their backs. ... [I]t's the Red Sox who bring a little swagger into these postseason meetings against the Yankees, not the other way around.
Buckley wrote: "Some of you will say it's hard to hate these Yankees, that they seem like swell guys."

Has anyone actually heard that? Who the hell says that? ... No one I know - or want to know.

Marc Carig, The Athletic:
The​ chant went up in the​ sixth​ inning, rattling​ Yankee​ Stadium to​ its concrete​ bones.​ It came​​ after the A's, in a desperate gambit to salvage their season, sent their closer to the mound and watched him crumble. ...

"We want Boston!" the fans roared in unison. "We want Boston!"

And now, it is Boston they will get, the Yankees' reward for surviving the punishment that came with failing to chase down a runaway train in the 108-win Red Sox.

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