October 1, 2018

Two Tiebreakers Needed To Decide NL Central and NL West

After 162 games, only one of the National League's three divisions has a winner. First place in both the NL Central and NL West will be determined by today's tiebreaker games.

Monday, October 1

Brewers (95-67) at Cubs (95-67), 1 PM
The winner will have home-field advantage for both the NLDS and NLCS and will play the winner of the NL Wild Card Game. The loser will host the NL Wild Card Game on Tuesday night against the second-place finisher in the NL West.

Rockies (91-71) at Dodgers (91-71), 4 PM
The winner will host Atlanta (90-72) in the NLDS on Thursday. (Atlanta, despite having the worst record of any team in the postseason, gets a few days of rest.) The loser will go on the road to play the NL Central runner-up (Brewers or Cubs) in Tuesday's NL Wild Card Game.

Tuesday, October 2

NL Wild Card Game: Loser of Rockies/Dodgers at Loser of Brewers/Cubs, 8 PM
The winner of this game will face the NL Central champs (winner of Brewers/Cubs) in the NLDS.

Wednesday, October 3

AL Wild Card Game: Athletics (97-65) at Yankees (100-62), 8 PM
The winner will play the Red Sox in the ALDS, which starts Friday in Boston.

Thursday, October 4

NLDS 1: Winner of Rockies/Dodgers at Atlanta, TBD

NLDS 1: Winner of NL Wild Card Game vs Winner of Brewers/Cubs, TBD
Note: If the Cubs lose to the Brewers on Monday and beat either the Rockies or Dodgers on Tuesday, they will meet the Brewers in the NLDS!

Friday, October 5

ALDS 1: Winner of Athletics/Yankees at Red Sox (108-54), TBD

ALDS 1: Cleveland (91-71) at Astros (103-59), TBD

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allan said...

Dodgers and Brewers win their divisions.