October 18, 2018

Normandin: "MLB Let The Astros Off The Hook For Cheating"

According to stories gathered by Marc Normandin, MLB has "crystal-clear evidence" that the Astros have been cheating in this postseason - and most likely during last year's World Series, as well. Indeed, multiple teams have been angry at Houston's "shady action" for several years.

However, Commissioner Rob Manfred has no desire to draw attention to those ugly facts during these high-profile games, even though he has vowed in the past to vigilantly enforce the sport's electronic surveillance rules.

Pressure from other teams will likely lead to a punishment for the Astros at some point, but for now, Normandin writes, nothing will happen "while so many people are following these games".

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Steve said...

They were 4-1 until the Red Sox called them out and MLB investigated, and then they were 4-0. Coincidence?