October 18, 2018

Benintendi: "That's Probably The Most Excited I've Been After A Catch"

Jen McCaffrey of The Athletic put together an oral history of Andrew Benintendi's game-saving, game-ending catch last night:
Astros manager A.J. Hinch: "I'm always checking out where the left fielder is. I see he kind of creeps inside the fence line where that corner is in left center. So when the ball was hit, two parts I was looking at was how Benintendi was closing and whether or not it was going to drop in ... But as he dives, we're all waiting in anticipation. ..."

[Red Sox manager Alex] Cora: "We've been attacking Alex to the edges of the strike zone and he's put some good swings on it. He's been patient and he attacked a pitch up in the zone. He didn't barrel it. And Benny had a great jump."

[Jackie] Bradley: "First thing I'm thinking is at least it's not going far, but the next thing I started thinking, I see Benny running in and see him leave his feet, I'm like just don't get by him, block it up, block it up ..." ...

Xander Bogaerts: "[W]hen he hit that ball, it was a bit low. I had some doubts. I did. After he caught it, it was a relief. It was a huge relief. ..."

Carlos Correa: "I was just running, trying to score and then I hear the fans go: Ahhh. At that point, I realized he caught it." ...

Benintendi: "I felt like I got a good jump on it. It wasn't hit that hard. I got in on it real good. ... I timed it up well. That's when it was either do-or-die. ... That's probably the most excited I've been after a catch. I was telling someone, I blacked out. I had no idea what was going on."

[Craig] Kimbrel: "I gave him a big hug. He might get a big Christmas present." ...

[Brock] Holt: "Whenever I got in here [to the clubhouse] and could breathe again ... if he doesn't catch that, they all score and we go home tied 2-2. ... [T]o make that catch in that situation, that's a tough play coming in like that, but he made it and we're up 3-1 and we're going to try to come here tomorrow and finish the thing."

Bogaerts: "I'm going to sleep real good, tonight. I'm going to dream of Benny and him catching that ball."

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