April 6, 2008

And That Happened

This John Mayer video has been making the rounds since the Red Sox were in Tokyo, but I saw it only yesterday.

Many people find him annoying. I know nothing about him (though I see we share a birthday). Is he related to Oscar Mayer?

All I know is this clip is hilarious and I'd certainly rather listen to him for three hours than Joe Buck. .. Or Joe Morgan. .. Or anyone not named Vin Scully, really.

"... yellow and blue for Dustin ..."


Patrick said...

Wow that guy is hilarious. I agree much better than the insufferable Joe Morgan. I'd rather here "I don't know what that means" than "I would've hit that".

wardo said...

John Mayer is a fair-to-middling singer, songwriter and guitarist who's not as talented as he thinks he is. He's also not as funny as he thinks he is.

thatdietcokegirl said...


i don't get it.

i mean...

how can you not know the rules of baseball as an american man? or was he joking?

i'm joking a little. but srsly, wot?? ;)

laura k said...

Hi Diet Coke! We need you in game threads. Or at least the game threads I'm in.

Patriots Film said...

Wardo, I would bump down the musicianship part and bump up the funny part. I actually think his viral videos have been great. 2 guys 1 cup? Genius.

Allan: not to worry, you're not missing out by not knowing his music.

allan said...

The delivery of each "And that happened!" is great. Plus as something to say after every pitch, it's fairly clever. I'm not sure I'd be chuckling after the 300th pitch of a game, though.

tim said...

He did have one fantastic album, IMO. That "Try!" John Mayer Trio live was great, I watched the concert on a jetblue flight and bought the album on iTunes, he does some great pickin' but his other stuff...meh.

I still gotta watch that video tho...but that live stones show you posted a couple posts back was great!

allan said...

sounds like he nearly giggles after the first pitch: "according to the board"

andy said...

The real john mayer dimple chin guitar playing john mayer?

laura k said...

Just watched it. Very funny! I don't know who this is guy is, but this is great.

allan said...

that live stones show you posted a couple posts back was great!

Glad to share. I'm trying to find out from my account how many people downloaded it, but I'm not sure how.

SoSock said...

John Mayer - never heard of him?
Canada's not THAT far away! :) (we hope!)
He's very well known around our neck of the woods anyway, maybe not as much everywhere in the US, I don't know.
You could take all of his albums and make one pretty darn good one out of them. A lot of filler, though.
I sure as hell hope this is a gag. I realize baseball is not everybody's sport, but to be an adult of either sex and not have more of a clue than that?
BTW - we're building arks around here. The rain has been relentless, and my LL team is supposed to open Tuesday, after missing our last 4 practices :(
Missed yesterday's RS game, one of the few I actually could watch here, because I was at the complex all freaking day trying to make it usable. Hard to do when you can skip rocks across the infield.

nick said...

It was a gag as far as I can tell. He's a technically good, but fairly boring musician IMHO, but he seems like a decent enough guy. I've read some good interviews with him.

I watched this twice and laughed both times--I like his delivery. Thankfully it is only a minute. He'd have to vary his, ah, pitches to sustain it.

oh great ,but,but.

laura k said...

John Mayer - never heard of him? Canada's not THAT far away! :) (we hope!)

It's not about physically geography. It's just the things I do. I don't know most pop culture things. It's lovely.

laura k said...

Oh sheesh, I just realized SoSock was probably talking to Allan, not me. I sometimes get confused about which blog I'm on.

That's not good, is it?

Doogie said...

My favorite part is his dig at commentators who pepper the pauses with trivia.

"And of course Dustin Pedroia is..................number 15."