April 2, 2008

Beckett Ready For Sunday Start; Dice Rescues Game Ball For Son

Josh Beckett pitched five innings (64 pitches) at the minor league complex in Fort Myers, allowing one run on two hits with six strikeouts. Terry Francona said Beckett would start on Sunday (against Roy Halladay) in Toronto "more likely than not".

When Beckett is activated, one of the bullpen arms -- David Aardsma, Bryan Corey or Javier Lopez -- will have to go. (I can't see them junking Kyle Snyder, though.) And there will be another decision to make when Mike Timlin returns after a couple of outings with Pawtucket, possibly on April 7 and 9, which could make him available for the first Yankees series on April 11.

Jeff Horrigan, Herald:
Daisuke Matsuzaka went out of his way to retrieve the game ball following tonight's 2-1 win after Jonathan Papelbon tossed it into the stands by the visitors dugout in order to save it as his keepsake for his newborn son.
I had asked my teammates to hang onto the game ball, but I guess the message didn't get through.
Matsuzaka became the first Red Sox pitcher to start twice in the first three games of a season since Luis Tiant (helped by two rainouts) did it in 1974 (April 5 and 11). ... Matsuzaka did not issue a walk -- his first BB-free start since last May 30.

Kevin Youkilis played his 193rd consecutive game at first base without an error, tying Steve Garvey. Yook's streak began on July 5, 2006; Garvey set his mark from June 26, 1983 to April 14, 1985.

The Red Sox dropped from #2 to #4 in team payroll ($133.4 million). The top three: Yankees ($209.1), Tigers ($138.7) and Mets ($138.3). Following Boston are the White Sox ($121.2), Angels ($119.2), Cubs ($118.6), Dodgers ($118.5) and Mariners ($118).

Pedro Martinez may have strained his left hamstring last night. He left after 3.1 innings and 57 pitches. He'll have an MRI today.

I was going to make some snarky comment about this:

but then I saw this:

Ummm ... at least Bot's pump was at the end of the game and not after the 8th inning. ... Nah, they both look like idiots.


Beazer said...

I have no problem with closers getting excited about closing out a close game.

Paps just struck out the side in a 2-1 game, and got 4 consecutive outs.

Joba didn't have a clean inning and it was the 8th inning.

He's a rookie; he's not a closer; he looks like an idiot.

Only the Melky Cabrera curtain call topped him on the jerk scale last night.

Rob said...

I agree. They both look like idiots right there.

But let's be real. If you're in a jam and you've got a 3-2 count with the merry-go-round starting, and you throw a fastball by the guy, I'd be concerned if you weren't excited. Yeeeaaahhh!

But after a routine save? Ehh.


Benjamin said...

Joba probably makes that fist pump when ordering his egg mcmuffin each morning.

Irrational exuberance is still better than whining about bugs, though, wot wot.

Rob said...

"Kevin Youkilis tied Steve Garvey's major league record of 193 consecutive games without an error by a first baseman on Tuesday."

Jere said...

If you watch both in real time, you see Pap's was a quickie, while Slut's was extended. And again, Pap won the game, Joba pitched an inning.

Wait, so Melky really did get a curtain call? I remember saying to Allan in the game thread something about that, jokingly. They really are pathetic. I'm telling you, if the Yanks ever win a World Series in their lifetime, they won't know what to do with themselves...they'll lose their identity! haha

Jack Marshall said...

Jere is right. I saw both games...Pap's was blink-quick (a photo-freeze can make anyone look like an idiot); JTH's was a dance.

I repeat: it will be an ugly summer in NYC.

Dan Kaempff said...

"Joba didn't have a clean inning and it was the 8th inning. "

No, but he'd just k'd his childhood hero, Frank Thomas. This is what you Sox fans waste your time kvetching about?

allan said...

No, but he'd just k'd his childhood hero, Frank Thomas.

In that case, I'm surprised Justin didn't show a little more respect.

This is what you Sox fans waste your time kvetching about?

... as opposed to Yankees fans who go trolling on Red Sox blogs?

Regardless, perhaps you are asking a genuine question. We Red Sox fans are capable of conversations on myriad topics, some related to baseball, some not. At times, we think about and discuss issues that effect the entire planet, while at other times, we'll gab about silly, trivial matters. It's all part of our enriching, productive lives.

Now fuck off.