April 3, 2008

Something Else #6 - Stones 1973

As the Red Sox enjoy the day in Toronto -- the final stop on their three-country road trip -- it's time for the first installment of the JoS Musical Off-Day.

I love the Rolling Stones' 1972 tour, but this soundboard recording of the band's Febraury 24, 1973, show at the Cricket Grounds in Perth, Australia, is a disc I play more than any '72 gig. The band is absolutely on fire (Mick Taylor, especially) and -- unlike the September and October 1973 shows -- there are no Goats Head Soup songs mucking up the proceedings.


allan said...

Ripped from my Swingin' Pig silver disc:

"Rocks Off!"
Cricket Ground, Perth, Australia
February 24, 1973

Brown Sugar
Rocks Off
Gimme Shelter
Tumbling Dice
Love In Vain
Sweet Virginia
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Honky Tonk Women
All Down The Line
Midnight Rambler
Introductions - Happy Birthday
Little Queenie
Rip This Joint

Part A
Part B

Listen -- at high volume -- to the final minute of the sample (beginning at about 2:50). Every time I hear this, I'm stunned at how tight the band is. It's ridiculous. If you doubt the greatness of the Stones, you should (1) listen to this show and then (2) admit you're a fool.

Bonus: If you like The Clash's "The Guns of Brixton", click here.

tim said...

I will check this out later...Sox in Toronto, eh? I'm going to a concert tonight at a latin lounge/club thing...I can only hope that the Dominican duo knows about it too, haha...