April 5, 2008

Snyder Designated For Assignment

Kyle Snyder told the Globe after today's game that he had been designated for assignment to make room for Josh Beckett on the 25-man roster.

I did not expect Snyder to get the axe, but with Sexy Lips in the pen, he was certainly redundant. Snyder posted a 3.81 ERA last year (124 ERA+), but his high walk total (32 BB in 54.1 IP, against 41 K) contributed to a WHIP of 1.417, way too high for an effective reliever.


Jack Marshall said...

Don't you think it was a matter of several factors that had little to do with Snyder? 1) The three relief pitchers fighting for the open slot are still in a dead heat, from what I've seen. I bet if Corey had had a good day today, Lopez or Aardsma would have been designated. Snyder's unspectacular, but he's a solid long-reliever. 2) Until Colon looked like he could help, the Sox wanted both Snyder and Taveras for starting pitching depth. Now it looks like the team has enough depth there. 3) Buchholtz looks like he'll stick, no matter what. He deserved a better fate today, like Wake yesterday, undone by lousy defense. 4) Taveras has a biggger contract that the Sox don't want to eat if they don't have to.
5) He looks too much like Bronson Arroyo, and makes Theo feel like a heel everytime he sees him.

Kyle Snyder, victim of circumstance.

Amy said...

I miss Bronson. I could care less about Snyder.

What an awful game today.

allan said...

SoSHer mabrowndog:
"Last season Snyder never worked more than 2 IP in any outing. He allowed at least one baserunner in 40 of his 46 games, and at least two baserunners in 19 of those.

Yikes. Not sure if that qualifies as "solid".

laura k said...

"Snyder's unspectacular, but he's a solid long-reliever."

I've heard this rumour, but I've seen no evidence of it. I've never felt confident with him.

I think in this case, circumstances give the Sox a good reason to do what needs doing.

(And Snyder only wishes he looks like Brandon. It's just the long legs creating that illusion.)

Jack Marshall said...

Can't see how it's Kyle's fault that Tito didn't give him enough work, and he didn't. Snyder got to pitch about once a week, which isn't enough to keep any breaking ball pitcher sharp, hence the baserunners. I don't want to go overboard with Snyder, who was obviously the 12th man on the pitching staff, as mop-up men tend to be. He had a better ERA in that role than most of the others...I wasn't thrilled to have him come in, but I didn't hold my breath, either, like I did with, say, Joel Pineiro. He did his job. Obviously the club thinks someone can do it better, and they may well be right.

andy said...

This news does not bother me. They are doing this to make room for Beckett. And where would we be if we did not have Kruger to look forward to? I am not excited about Aardvark though.