April 8, 2008

The Ring

The Globe has pictures of the 2007 World Series ring:

Terry Francona implied that he kept a tired Beckett in Sunday's game hoping he could get through the fifth inning and qualify for the victory: "I thought his legs started to go a little bit ... You don't want to go too far with him", but "I wanted to give him the opportunity to get through five, which I thought he deserved."

Beckett didn't "deserve" anything. However, the team "deserves" the best chance to win. I (think I) can live with Francona's willingness to stay with his starter for an extra batter or two, but to do so for a meaningless stat is irksome.

Bartolo Colon was placed on the seven-day minor league disabled list (retroactive to April 4) with soreness in his right oblique. He will miss his next start. Tito: "I don't even want to say a strain. With those types of things, we don't want it to turn into something."

Mike Timlin pitched one scoreless inning (18 pitches, 12 strikes) for Pawtucket on Monday night, allowing two hits and striking out one.

The Red Sox acquired right-handed reliever Eric Hull, 28, from the Dodgers in exchange for Class A shortstop Christian Lara, 22. Hull was designated for assignment on March 31 and will report to extended spring training in Fort Myers.


Jack Marshall said...

And the amazing thing is, that's the actual size!

Patrick said...

And the amazing thing is, that's the actual size!

I think Ortiz would appreciate a 1 pound ring.

s1c said...

I wonder if that is the "1" series ring or the "2" series ring. According to Werner on WEEI, the 8 players that were part of the 2004 and 2007 series will get a special ring with 2 world series trophies on them (what about tito?)

Amy said...

Just watched the ceremony---with tears in my eyes through most of it. I loved them playing the Irish dance music for Pap, loved seeing the stars from other Boston teams, loved seeing Mirabelli (why no jersey, loved seeing Tek come out first, and most of all, loved seeing Johnny Pesky raising the flag and getting hugs all around.

How very sweet it is!