April 25, 2008

Casey May Be Headed To DL; Lowell Plays In Rehab Game

Sean Casey may be headed to the disabled list. He suffered a right hip-flexor sprain in the second inning when he scored from second base. He slowed up between third and home and was limping back to the dugout.

Terry Francona:
When he came around third – I saw him right away – he was dragging his leg. Even before he hit home plate I told Jed Lowrie to get loose because I figured something was wrong. On examination it was horrible, but I'm sure we're going to lose him for some time.
Brandon Moss would likely get the call to replace the Mayor.

Mike Lowell went 1-for-5 as Pawtucket's DH Friday night. His two-run single helped the PawSox beat Syracuse 6-1. Lowell said he had no trouble gripping the bat. He's scheduled to play third base on Saturday night and DH on Sunday afternoon.

Kevin Cash had three hits in Friday night's loss, his first three-hit game since June 24, 2004.

FanGraphs says that most of the blame for Friday's loss rests squarely on the shoulders of David Ortiz. When Flo came to bat in the 11th with runners on 1st and 3rd and one out, Boston had a 68.2% chance of winning. His inning-ending double play dropped the Red Sox's chances to 35.7%.


andy said...


andy said...

If it weren't the bottom of the last inning then Timlin would not have stopped at one run.

andy said...

I have a new stat. Lugo's runs over Timlin's Earned Runs. Or other way around. Not sure how to guage if it is good or bad but it needs to come out bad. Maybe just Lugo's RBI's.

Lugo's Errors - Runs + Double Plays Batted into - RBI's + Overall shitty factor / Timlin's Wins - Earned Runs + My overall disgust for his shitty pitching - His wife's cup size.

tim said...

Here's a good'ern!

Man. I hate him(Timlin). When Tito was coming out with runners on first and second, I was all like "YES! SNUFF EM PAP...wait, what? what are you doing WHY ARE YOU LEAVING THE MOUND TITO AND WHY IS TOAST STILL OUT THERE?!?!?!?!

sure enough, my panic was validated minutes later by a GWRBI by some player i'll never hear of outside of the serieses the sox play against the rays. Oh Tito......this move calls for that spanish childrens book that was in the JoS glossary that im too lazy to look up now...something about "AYE CARUMBA TITO!"....yup ive got no idea.

/extremely tired but neglecting to sleep ramblings

but seriously. Timlin (aka Old yeller) needs to be taken out back.....

laura k said...

I love the nickname Old Yeller for Timlin!

allan said...

I love the nickname Old Yeller for Timlin!

So we now have FY and OY.