April 5, 2008

Colon: At Least 2 More PawSox Starts

Terry Francona says that Bartolo Colon will remain with Pawtucket for at least two more starts.
I talked to him [Friday], talked to him about getting out to maybe 85 [pitches] and then 100. I think the plan is to certainly get him up here and play for us. We're going to keep him on a five-day plan and try to get him to 100.
Mike Timlin should begin a rehab stint with Pawtucket on Monday.


SoSock said...

hi guys
Just a quick note for any basketball fans.
I'm running what will probably be a one-man game thread for tonight's game.
I'm not expecting conversation, just making some comments as the game goes to record for posterity.
Just wanted to acknowledge the inspiration for this, which is of course JoS. Might even become a regular thing next year, tho I really wonder whether basketball is suited to game threading.
Go Heels!

9casey said...

Does someone have a half-assed explanation on this Crisp -Ellsbury situation....If the kid was not going to play everyday why not send him to Pawtucket and keep Keilty here....Last year they all told us Pedrioa is the 2b this year they have said shit about Ellsbury's role....That's not fair to LBJ, Crisp , or the fans ( not like anyone cares if it is fair to the fans).........

These games count and if you are just trying to showcase Crisp .....It aint workin....

SoSock said...

Only possible explanation I can imagine is the notion of loyalty to Crisp. Making sure he knows he is not being completely sidelined.
Sounds lame, though. This ain't Little League, or even college. It's a business, and LBJ should be the regular.

Jack Marshall said...

There are enough runors around about the Cubs and other clubs looking hard at Crisp now to justify showcasing him. It's not as if Ococ had a hand in today's loss, and I wouldn't doubt that he would have held onto the ball LBJ dropped last night, either.

I think that's a half-assed explanation if I ever heard one!

andy said...

I am damn excited about todays game. They have the world series lineup and a world series pitcher. Feels like we can settle into a rhythm.