April 15, 2008

Ortiz: "Put Me In, #@*%"

Late Sunday night, Terry Francona told David Ortiz to let him know Monday morning whether he wanted a second day off or wanted to get back in the lineup. Tito:

He actually texted me -- and this is no joke, I actually thought I was texting my daughter -- and he was like, "Hey, dad" or "Hey, pop" or whatever it was. I texted him back and I was like, "What number is this?" All of a sudden, I get back, "Mine, [expletive]."

Now I'm getting ticked, so I call and it's David. I was all mixed up, because the last one said, "Put me in, [expletive]." And I can't figure it out. I was actually kind of relieved. I didn't care if David gets hits or not, but I won't have a 14-year-old talking like that to her dad. Anyway, the good news is my daughter's not speaking like that and David wants to play. ... It's a win-win.
The Globe's Eric Wilbur understands that it has always been the Yankees and their fans that have been obsessed with curses and jinxes.
[I]n the Bronx, they're concerned that polyester threading might lead to 86 years of an Ortiz jinx, digging through two feet of concrete to pull out an absolutely intangible sign of their impending doom.

Yankee fans always had the curse to lean on when it came to facing their rivals. Now that it's "dead," they're walking around in the dark seeking enlightenment, a group of lost soldiers that Scientology could have a field day with.

Along comes Castignoli, and New York can't even wait 48 hours before proving to the world its dysfunctional front office ways. Initially laughing it off as a prank, the Yankees couldn't get the jersey out of their collective heads, ordering it dug up at the site yesterday ...
Curt Schilling dismissed Dr. Craig Morgan's comments that he would consider pitching for the Yankees next year.
The first word that popped into my head, is a word that I think is new to the English language, but everybody understands what it means is "misremember". ... I'm not really sure how he got to some of the conclusions he got to. ... Me wearing pinstripes, regardless of what point of the season or my career it would have been, is not an option.
Kyle Snyder cleared waivers and was assigned to Pawtucket, where he will go back to starting.


Jack Marshall said...

Redsock, I tried to find any mention in last night's game thread of the offensively ignorant whopper spewed out by one of ESPN's Game-Dolts. I'd love to know who it was that actually suggested---I still can barely believe it--- that Ted Williams must have gotten "a lot of hits" in his .406 season with "routine ground balls to the left side" because of the Williams shift---and nobody corrected him (or, more appropriately, SHOT him)!

The Boudreau shift, of course, arrived five years after the .400 season, but more importantly, Williams' determination to hit through the shift and NOT hit cheap ground-ball singles to left was legendary, a classic example of his stubborn, courageous and selfish personality, and the source of constant debate ever since.

Whoever that cretin was, he should have been fired on the spot. In one sentence, he managed to devalue one of baseball's greatest achievements, massacre historical fact, and slander a Boston immortal.

Jere said...

I can't believe that. No, wait, make that CAN.