April 10, 2008

Lowell Sprains Left Thumb

Mike Lowell sprained his left thumb when he dove for a ground ball on the first play of last night's game. X-rays were negative and Lowell is wearing a splint.
I just rolled over and felt the hand separate. It hurt right away. ... Between innings, I took some swings off the tee. It hurt. In the second inning, I got a routine ground ball and it really hurt.
Lowell injured a ligament in the same thumb last June 3. He did not start the next game, though he did pinch-hit; he was back in the lineup on June 5.
I don't know if it's the exact same ligament, but it feels the same. It feels a little more tender, actually. It flared up a lot faster. I remember the last time, I played the rest of the game and the next day it got a little swollen. Here, it felt like it got swollen immediately.
Who Knew?: David Ortiz was so interested in Fenway's hawks that he considered getting licensed last year to handle them.


tim said...

FTA: "The red tails, they are very aggressive," Ortiz said. "They kill sometimes even when they're not hungry. But something had to happen for him to attack that little girl. They don't attack people just to attack them."

Like you said, who knew, Papi - the go-to contact for hawk attack analysis.

allan said...

YES man David Cone says Ian Kennedy was "jerked off" before last night's Yankees game.

laura k said...

I love how the presence of these great birds touch so many people.

Did David Cone really say that?? Without irony?

allan said...

It's pretty clear from listening to the clip that he meant "jerked around". Still, if anyone knows anything about jerking off at baseball games, it's David Cone.

Jere said...

This ties into last night's librarian discussion. "That's like an ice cream man named Cone!!!"

nick said...

heh. One of my favorite comments like that of recent times came from Wonkette and referred to the California primary contest:
CNN’s Candy Crowley says Obama’s mission is to “suck off enough delegates.” A grueling end to a grueling campaign season, indeed.

s1c said...

Looks like we may be adding Cora to the injured list. Rob Bradford has the details here and here