April 30, 2008

No News On Ortiz's Knee

Although David Ortiz was hobbling back to the dugout after scoring the winning run last night, there is nothing in the papers this morning about his knee. Perhaps it looked worse than it really was?

The Red Sox's last 1-0 walk-off win: July 18, 1980 -- Dave Stapleton homered in the 10th inning to beat the Twins. Both starters (Mike Torrez and Roger Erickson) went the distance.

Mike Lowell may wear a protective insert in his glove all season.
It holds the joint from going where they don't want it to go. It doesn't really bother me, so I think I should wear it. If I don't wear it one day and then I test it and I hurt it again, I'm going to feel like I'm an idiot.
To make room for Lowell, Bryan Corey was again designated for assignment. ... The Red Sox have used 33 players and 17 pitchers this season, tied for most in the majors in both categories.

Rob Bradford: "How does he do it? How can Jonathan Papelbon make his pitches miss so many bats, so many times?" ... JD Drew has gone 4-for-31 (.129) since April 17, dropping his average from .362 to .269. Drew has only one extra-base hit in his last 51 AB.

Alex Cora, who could return from the DL this weekend, on Dustin Pedroia:
I just love him. I love to listen to him to see what he has to say today. It's like he's the little brother I never had, because I'm the youngest. I finally got somebody I can beat up a little bit, someone I can tell to shut the freak up when I have to. I love that.
Pedroia and his wife Kelli (who was diagnosed with stage two melanoma at age 18) are McCain supporters.

Jere wonders about the term "grand slam".


nick said...

Aw, what the fuck?!

FY is a McCain supporter? doesn't he realize McCain doesn't stand for the little guy?

Schilling, whatever, but FY...that's a bummer.

Bartman said...

Could someone please summarize what medical procedures Ortiz has undergone since last October? Did he get fixed what was bothering him during the playoffs and WS?

Jere said...

And before the '80 game, there were also extra-inning, walkoff, 1-0 wins in 1973 and 1970. But the last 9-inning 1-0 walkoff win for Boston, before last night, was May 12th, 1960.

I took the research back one more year, to find that they also did in on September 15th, 1959. Pete Runnels scored the winning run in that game, and knocked in the winning run in the 1960 game.

So it happened twice in 27 games, and then not again for 48 years!

Zenslinger said...

FY is a McCain supporter? doesn't he realize McCain doesn't stand for the little guy?

Heh, the little guy...

But don't dig too deep on this issue. Lotta right wingers playing baseball.

Benjamin said...

Pedroia went to Arizona State, so it might not be too surprising that he's pulling for Arizona's senator (even if I consider it tragically irresponsible). Maybe there's some melanoma kinship involved too.

laura k said...

A little off-topic McCain news. Which is not to say the Democrats would make this happen.

laura k said...

Lotta right wingers playing baseball.

Gross, but true.

nick said...

Lotta right wingers playing baseball.

oh true, I know, I just don't want to be the people I like.

I understand the arizona connection, but I'm a big fan of reality trumping locality.