April 23, 2008

Is Edes Leaving The Globe?

David Scott of Boston Sports Media Watch reports that multiple sources have confirmed to him that
Boston Globe writer Gordon Edes has agreed "in principle" to a job with Yahoo! Sports as a national baseball writer. ...

the Edes departure will be yet another crippling blow for Joe Sullivan's thinning sports desk and will continue to give the Boston Herald a leg up in Sox coverage with the talented, experienced three-headed monster of Rob Bradford, Michael Silverman and Jeff Horrigan now going up against the 17 Percenter's still-developing Amalie Benjamin and long-timer Nick Cafardo.
Gordon is probably the best baseball writer covering the Red Sox, so while I don't care about the diminishing quality of the Globe, per se, his departure would be a big loss for Red Sox fans.


Jack Marshall said...

It's stunning how far the Golbe's baseball coverage has fallen. Back in Gammons' prime, the Globe has the best baseball writing in America outside of Roger Angell books. Now we have Nick Cafardo. The Herald is much better, but I have been conditioned by a lifetime of putting up with cranky hacks like Tim Horgan and Bill Liston that I can't get comfy on the Herald sports pages.

And---personal opinion here---Edes may be the best the Globe has, but he's not a prime talent. Like, say, Allan. But he did quote Allan by name in his last "chat!"

allan said...

Rob Bradford at the Herald is top-notch. He's almost always got something unique in his stories no one else gets.

Silverman is good -- he always had great Pedro stuff. Horrigan is fine. They are nothing eye-popping, but decent reporters.

Massarotti is the only dud among the daily writers. And I can live quite happily without reading Buckley and Callahan.

I was sorry to see Chris Snow leave the Globe last year. He had promise.