June 29, 2010

Carl Yastrzemski And A Can Of Onion Rings

More than 30 years ago, Josh Wilker* sent a letter to Carl Yastrzemski, asking for an autograph. Here is an update.

* Fellow Vermonter.

[This is a good self-reminder to buy Josh's book. You should get a copy, too, because he is a tremendously talented writer. He got blurbs from Bill Lee and David Cross. Fuckin' A!]


allan said...

June 25 post begins: "Two nights ago, I punched a bag of pretzel nuggets."

Benjamin said...

That list reads like the world's worst casserole.

Gambrinus said...

For those of us from the Worcester area, the "Spag's" to the right of that note should bring a twinge of nostalgia.

But what a great little story!

gojohn said...

Great link, I enjoyed that story